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Mettler-Toledo Flash DSC 2+ Specials

Xensor offers a range of calorimeter chips based on single SiN thin membranes with heated sample areas of different sizes: the XEN-39390 series.
The sample areas range from 8×14 μm2 up to 1×1 mm2. Having aluminum metallization, the temperature range is from 0 K up to 800 K. The smaller the sample area, the faster the upper scan rate, up to 10 MK/s.
Standard housings are TO-5 header, ceramic base plate with flex connector or LCC-20.

Current nanogas chips: datasheet XEN-393..
Older nanogas chips: datasheet XEN-392..

The calorimeter chips with gold metallization can go up to beyond the silver point (0 K up to 1300 K): the XEN-39469 to XEN-39473.
These chips have dual SiN membranes (sample & reference), with sample areas from 5×5 μm2 up to 150 μm Ø. The smaller the sample area, the faster the upper scan rate, up to 250 MK/s.
Standard housings are Mettler-Toledo ceramic, ceramic base plate with flex connector, TO-5 header or LCC-20.

datasheet XEN-394..

A number of liquid calorimeter chips is available.
The older generation chips measure  5×5 mm2 or 10×10 mm2 with robust silicon membranes of 6 μm up to 45 μm thickness. They come in 68-pins PGA ceramic housings, compatible with PGA-ZIF connectors.

Liquid calorimeters Si: datasheet XEN-NCM9924

The new generation liquid calorimeters use the Mettler-Toledo chip with dual  SiN membranes. They have polymer covers with 4 access holes to prevent evaporation (see right).

For the Mettler-Toledo Flash DSC 2+ chip calorimeter Xensor offers specials not (yet) officially supported by Mettler-Toledo.
The XEN-39400liq is for measuring at 1-μl liquid samples with scan rates up to 500 K/s.
A separate holder and toolkit are available for this sensor.

Liquid calorimeters SiN: datasheet XEN-39400liq
The XEN-39476 is conform the XEN-39400liq, but with a 50 or 100 μm Ø optical window in the center allowing optical measurements.

Opto calorimeter: datasheet XEN-39476