Thermal Conductivity Sensors


Discrete Sensors
Sensors with read out (a.o. for H2, He)
Hydrogen Specials
The Thermal Conductivity Sensor XEN-TCG3880 comes in various versions:
  • with or without Pt100/Pt1000 temperature sensor.
  • with or without welded cap. 
  • with or without extra cover against flow.
  • in various housings, etc.
See the selection guide in Par. 4 in the datasheet XEN-TCG3880 for all the details.

This is a series of PCBs combining the XEN-TCG3880 with Pt100 and RH sensor, with an ASIC and micro for read-out.
This sensor is used widely for hydrogen and helium detection, and is also used to measure other gases or vacuum.
There are three products available at this moment:

Special products for hydrogen research.
  • The ruler (XEN-3700) measures the build-up of hydrogen or helium at multiple points in a chamber after a leak occurs. Available in various lengths.
  • The tube sensor measures hydrogen explosion fronts. In test phase.
  • The jet sensor measures gas jets in a large chamber mimicking a nuclear power plant  (temperature, flow, concentration). In test phase.
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