About Xensor

Founded in 1988 as a spin-off of Delft University of Technology, Xensor Integration is a high-tech company focusing on custom design, prototyping and production of MEMS sensors (micro-electro-mechanical systems), made using computer-chip technology. Xensor's customers are industrial companies, research institutes and universities in the EU and the rest of the world. Our expertise is in thermal sensors and related products.

Calorimetry chips

The calorimetry chips concern calorimetry in gaseous and liquid environments. The temperature range is -100 ºC to RT (room temperature) for the base temperature, and upper temperatures between 150 ºC for liquid applications up to 1000 ºC for gaseous environments. Temperature scan rates for the calorimeter chips are typically between 1 ºC/second and even up to 250 MK/second.

Gas and vacuum sensors

The thermal conductivity sensors are used to analyze binary gas mixtures, for instance hydrogen in air.
Compared to many other gas sensing techniques the advantages are:

  • very fast response time (< 1 second)
  • stable output
  • no poisoning
  • very suitable for hydrogen measurement

Main disadvantages are:

  • limited sensitivity (100-1000 ppm resolution)
  • non-selectivity of the sensor

Read-out electronics for the thermal conductivity sensors

Sensors with read-out electronics are available, offering output signals such as USB, CAN, WIFI, analog in various packages.

Custom development and assembly services

Xensor remains owner of design and ideas.
As far as not otherwise stated in Xensor offers the following terms are applicable: FHI General Conditions of Delivery 2014 or Dutch version

Chief Executive Officer

dr. ir. A.W. van Herwaarden

Board of Commissioners

prof. dr. M.J. Vellekoop


Production Manager: S.A. Molenaar

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