Nano calorimeters, liquid

Nano calorimeter XEN-LCM2506, chip size 5 x 5mm

Liquid side (chip size: 5 x 5 mm)
Electronic side

Researchers at Novartis (formerly Ciba Geigy) in Basel, Switzerland, have been experimenting with ways to measure the concentration of certain substances found in blood. In one of these methods, the substance to be measured passes through a calorimeter to which enzymes have been added. The resulting oxidation generates heat. The nano calorimeter developed and produced by Xensor is capable of measuring the heat to a very high degree of accuracy. see datasheet XEN-LCM2506.

Nano calorimeter XEN-NCM9924, chip size 10 x 10 mm

Liquid side (chip size: 10 x 10 mm), with protective foil
Electronic side

For further experiments a larger and more robust liquid calorimeter chip has been developed. The chip has a 8.5 x 8.5 mm membrane of 22 or 45 µm thickness, compared to the 6 µm thick membrane of the 5 x 5 mm large chip. see datasheet datasheet XEN-NCM9924.

Nano calorimeter XEN-LCMquad, 2x2 array, chip size 10 x 10 mm

Electronic side

The Bergakademie Technical University in Freiberg, Germany, frequently makes use of Xensor's nano calorimeters to determine the properties of various enzymes and accurately measure the heat in thermo-analytic equipment. However, to compensate for second-order effects, several measurements must be performed at the same time. To meet this demand, Xensor incorporated four nano calorimeters in one housing. This array makes it possible to carry out four measurements simultaneously. See datasheet datasheet XEN-LCMquad.

Nano calorimeters for the Flash DSC of Mettler-Toledo

See datasheet datasheet XEN-39400liq.

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