Calorimeter Chips

The XEN-393 and XEN-394 series of micro-machined thin-film calorimeter sensors are designed for measurements on small samples with high temperature scanning rates. The XEN-393 series are made with aluminium interconnections, limiting them to a lower temperature range than the XEN-394 series, which has gold interconnections.

The sensors have single or dual ultra-thin silicon-nitride membranes, which are characterized by a high thermal resistance to the ambient and a very small time constant. This makes these sensors particularly suited for measurements in gaseous environments and for fast measurements, such as Fast Scanning Calorimetry.

Mettler-Toledo Flash DSC 2+ Specials

For the Mettler-Toledo Flash DSC 2+ chip calorimeter Xensor offers specials not (yet) officially supported by Mettler-Toledo.

For users aiming to combine calorimetric measurements with optical measurements the XEN-39476 features a transparent area in the 500 μm diameter aluminum sample area.

Opto calorimeter: datasheet XEN-39476